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Bottles to [Caps]

  1. Sending these small thoughts from my side of the fish bowl to yours ♥ #keepswimming


  2. There’s certainly a potpourri of political opinions to be found in the wall art of Derry/Londonderry, Northern Ireland. #che


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    My friend just posted this to facebook and oh my goodness YES

    Nothing like the smell of freshly caught book

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    watch out for cis people who ask you about your “true name” because they will try to bind you to the faerie realm so that you can no longer walk among mortals. make up a name so they let their guard down and you can steal their firstborn. 

    Note to self

    Thrice and done


  5. thisiseverydayracism:


    But are you paying attention to what’s going on??? My heart is so heavy….. so heavy…

    An attorney for the family of John Crawford III, the man fatally shot by police in an Ohio Walmart store, says surveillance video contradicts the police department’s version of events. Officers say Crawford refused to drop the pellet gun he was holding, but the video allegedly shows them gunning him down “on sight.”

    Crawford, 22, was shopping at the Beavercreek, Ohio store on Aug. 5 whenpolice responded to another customer’s report that Crawford was carrying an AR-15 rifle. He was actually holding a pellet air rifle he had just picked up from a shelf in the store’s toy department.

    Attorney Michael Wright says he viewed surveillance video that shows Crawford was facing away from the cops and talking to his girlfriend on the phone when police spotted him, and didn’t have the toy gun raised. Hetold WDTN Crawford probably didn’t see or hear the officers before he was shot.

    "John was doing nothing wrong in Walmart, nothing more, nothing less than shopping,"Wright said, according to Reuters.

    #johncrawford #rip #justice #dontshoot

    This is what an apartheid looks like.


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    Imagine having braces during the apocalypse. no one can take your braces off. And you just have to accept that you’ll have braces forever.

    i want a novel focused around a character with braces during the apocalypse and the entire plot of the story revolves around their search for an orthodontist who is still alive and they sort of accidentally save the world in the process

    Titled: Brace for It.

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  7. Guatemalan government resorts to martial law & military repression against peaceful protestors


    I mean, just, fuck. There is another estado de prevención. San Juan Sac is slated to receive massive remilitarization, and for now residents don’t enjoy any of their individual rights like habeas corpus, etc. This isn’t new (remember there were states of emergency, i.e., martial law, in both 2010 and 2011), but militarization in the service of monopoly capital is not good.

    And, yup, they are already arresting people, even when it seems like they have pretty good alibis — one man accused of participating in a massacre was with his son in the hospital in Chimal that night.

    GHRC expresses concern about the declaration of a “State of Prevention” in the municipality of San Juan Sacatepéquez, allegedly in response to acts of violence committed in the community of Los Pajoques on the 19th and 20th of September. Despite the localized nature of the conflict, the administration of President Otto Pérez Molina made the controversial decision to suspend basic constitutional rights, such as freedom of speech and assembly, throughout the entire municipality for the next 15 days.

    Los Pajoques is one of twelve communities in San Juan Sacatepéquez that have been involved in an ongoing resistance movement to the construction of a cement quarry and processing plant, and recently have opposed the construction of a highway that would cut through the community on its way to the quarry. Their opposition is grounded in concerns about the profound impact that the operations of the cement factory could have on the environment, in an area renown for the cultivation of vegetables and flowers.

    The violence, which reportedly left 11 dead, was a tragic manifestation of the division, tension and desperation that has existed in San Juan Sacatepéquez since the arrival of the powerful cement company, Cementos Progreso, in 2006.

    As a result of the implementation of the State of Exception, almost 1000 police officers and a similar number of soldiers were deployed to San Juan in the early morning hours of September 24th to carry out 36 arrest warrants. The massive deployment of heavily armed police and military, as well pickups with mounted machine guns and an army tank, have caused fear and anxiety in these rural indigenous communities. GHRC has also received reports that security forces have destroyed private property and removed personal documents while conducting warrantless searches of houses.

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  8. xku said: i follow a lot of blogs about mexico because it's nearly impossible for me to find blogs about guatemala, it's a bit frustrating to see this one focuses on mexico too... not that it's bad, but there's not enough guatemala on this website in general. i see a lot about mexican, chicano, dominican, costa rica, etc identity here without even having to follow them. something happened in our history and society that made us incapable of affirming our identity like other latino countries, even online..


    Thank you, xku, for this provocation.

    This makes sense to me. I was actually reading a little bit about this in a book on Chiapan border identities by Hernández Castillo, and it talks a lot about forced “Hispanization” campaigns and the ways that indigenous peoples (Mames, but I think this is true of other Maya peoples) whose identities crossed nation-state borders learned that they had to disavow their language and identity to claim their rights as (newly) Mexican citizens. With over 40,000 officially recognized Guatemalan refugees in Mexico in the 1980s, this is an issue that spans centuries… And Guate still hasn’t officially agreed to its border with Belize as of September 2014, so identities along that border are also fraught.

    I’m still not going to change what I do, though. If you want good content that focuses on Guatemala, I recommend Plaza Pública and Nómada.

    This really started and continues to be a place for me to post what I’m thinking about, and here are the reasons I rationalized leaving the name:

    1) Approximately 1% of Guatemalans grow up as adoptees in the US. This signals a pretty transnational idea of a Guatemalan Latinidad for people’s whole lives.

    2) Guatemalans are increasingly migrating towards the US, but a lot of them end up living in Belize and Mexico. So, I post a lot of stuff about Mexico, but maybe half of it is about migrants — usually these are lumped together as “Northern Triangle” (with Honduras and El Salvador), a security threat, Mexico’s southern border, etc. There are lots of reasons why this framework sucks, but the security news/analysis with this lens is often important to Guatemalan politics, and transnational Guatemalan families.

    3) I’m a critical geographer, so I’m suspicious of reifying nation-state borders. Borders aren’t fixed, national identities aren’t fixed, and this blog isn’t really a place where I’m going to work towards a project like that.

    All that said, I don’t want to seem like I’m promising to do something I’m not. If anyone has suggestions for renaming this blog, I would love to hear them!


  9. I feel like I wrote the comments section on this article. All of them. Pretty humans yes good.

    Friends-of-bi-people-pro-tip: if your bi friend decides to come out to you and your reaction isn’t COOL AWESOME LET’S CAKE THING FEST or some variation thereof, the least you could do is not confuse their orientation with their relationship preference. For example, i/pan/queer are types of orientations. Poly/non-monogamous are types of relationship preferences. Don’t hate on bi people just because you had the misfortune to be in a relationship with a shitty human being didn’t disclose their relationship preference beforehand.


  10. Eeeeveryone is Attractive Lalalalala!!!!


  11. Also known as “The Sun Also Rises On A Very Nasty Post Jazz-Age Hangover”. Good book though. Although, I will have to say that much of Hemingway scans that way…

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    Happy birthday Harry Potter! From shitroughdrafts.



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    Why they make it easy. Dont ask me anything else

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    @WorstMuse is a relic of the human race

    "Make sure to neutralize the strength of strong characters with a Quirky Trait, like a homicidal tendency or an ability to arch one eyebrow. Archfully!"

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