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Bottles to [Caps]

  1. Y’alls remember that beat box paper I did for Wesley’s History of the English Language class @univpugetsound (partly inspired by all the drumspeak I heard in high school)? (Or maybe you’re one of the many un/fortunate souls that I parked in front of the nearest computer and said, “WATCH ALL THE VIDEOS NOW THANKS!”) Well, last night I got to give that paper to Tom Thum in person after his show! Thanks Tom for being such an inspiration and killin’ it with Jamie last night, and to the rest of yis, do cool research! #youllgofarkid #chrufflachrufflazarrlzak #thebeatboxed #londondoing (at London Wonderground)


  2. Ample light, black coffee, simple pleasures. This of course right before the brownie fell to bits and pieces all over the table, gluten free baked goods being as they are put together not with actual ingredients but with Will Power, that which promptly disintegrates as soon as you tear apart the plastic. #londondoing (at National Portrait Gallery, London)


  3. A quite nice death. #londondoing


  4. I have arrived! I am a place-I am a plane. Shannon. Beep beep bopbeep deep do hurkadurr. #awkwardR2D2


  5. Wednesdays in Spain mean Teen Wolf and picking out gluten free cookie crumbs from my keyboard




  8. Liquid illuminations - made with milk, water, frozen in time and morphed into high fashion. (via!galleries!milk)


  9. I slapped myself to see if I was drunk.

    Yeah ok.

    The tequila diaries continue.

    Carry on.


  10. Tiny drums tiny drums!


  11. i feel u bb


  12. it’s true


  13. someone stop me


  14. Dance as if no one were watching sing as if no one were listening, live every day as if it were your last. Irish proverb making its way Spain-wards. #datsubjunctive


  15. My student made this! She’s only 10! Sure do wish @marcea_rinehart were here to share it ‘cos even though it’s a continent away, kids are still kids, and she knows them best. Sometimes I get stuck but then I ask myself, “What would Marcea do?” Works every time. #wwmd