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Bottles to [Caps]

  1. Running does weird shit to ma har


  2. unusual-passions:

    Badly injured at a fundraising car wash. Lost leg but returned to soccer and is now playing at the college level.

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  3. I reblogged a quote from this article a while back, and am posting the full article here now cos it’s the best explanation I’ve seen yet, and a good start to understanding why dudes shouldn’t street talk/chat up women they don’t know who aren’t asking for their conversation. 


  4. churlishrevelry:

    Our school has this “Stone Tablet Policy” which basically says that there is no excuse for not turning in your assignments and that you must turn them in even if you have to carve it into a stone tablet.

    So this kid carved his 8 page essay about California drug laws into $70 worth of limestone.

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  5. "LA is a good place for the young folks. They seem to like all that hustle and bustle. Now some people say life out here is too boring. Me? I like it just fine. It’s pretty country, and it’s a nice quiet place to finish your studies. I don’t think it’s boring at all—haven’t run across a thing that bored me yet."

    The driver of the airport shuttle.


    True facts: these kind of people fucking terrify me, with their “nice quiet places” of easy privilege where everything is beautiful and nothing hurts. And it makes me wonder. At what point in your life does your idea of “home” get so attached to a lifestyle and locale than the people who make it so? When did we become so enamored of that comfy couch, a place to sit and idle until we die? Who taught us to privilege forks over knives, paper over plastic, blood over water, gender over love, school over education, life over living? They did. They nail down a fucking existential lawn chair on your bed of hard knocks and then feed you some line straight from an Ikea catalog—that this lawn chair, this easy way of living, has a lifetime guarantee. Oh sure, you never come across something that bores you, but tell me this: if these things never bore you, do they ever interest you? Excite your passions? Or do they just prompt you to lift your placid gaze from a fuzzy screen and change the channel?   


  6. Arms too long for da frame, mang. #skiller #sigsigsigaifmwbfj


  7. "

    I’m sorry! I just find Stiles’s face to be more interesting than the plotline!


    Getting my housemate to watch Teen Wolf was the best decision 5ever


  8. "

    "Is there gonna be a decent amount of Stiles in this episode? ‘Cuz I find episodes with low-Stiles to be boring."


    I got my housemate hooked on Teen Wolf and she’s watching “the first Sterek episode” right now


  9. Look out, it’s a drummer in a hi-hat! Thesis did, ready to wreak havoc. #haller #allbadpunspunished #brohatz


  10. runcreatelove:

    I have been reading house of leaves since my freshman year. I usually end up having to put it down for a while, because ill get flustered and even a bit depressed which I believe is why this book is so good. I am on the poetry part of it. I have always struggled with reading poetry because I get caught up finding the rhythm rather than what the poem is actually saying. So I drew all over the page with crayon. Did it help? Not at all. My god I need a job.

    It’s a process book. Marginalia is part of the process of reading, and so are doodles. I am a firm believer in the sanctity of doodling. They keep you awake in class, allow you to exercise your creative response to a text, keep you awake, demonstrate your interpretation of a text, keep you awake, etc.


  11. …you guys. House of Leaves nails. I am giggling in my socks.


  12. When you get down on somebody for being upset…

    …whether it’s about something in fandom or about something in their own life that’s out of their control, remember this: representation matters. All they want is a compassionate ear. So shut up and represent already.


  13. loundsfreddie:





    had to shut a bitch down today

    fedoras are bad enough, but a fedora with a trenchcoat…

    OMG.  Literally his logic was, “She hasn’t SHUT DOWN HER FACEBOOK PAGE  so she must be interested in me!!!”

    (emphasis because for some FB is a life center and having to recreate all the contacts on it is hard and literally that would be like saying, “well, you haven’t moved from your current apartment yet, so you must be ok with me stalking you home”)

    This is why I am always so appalled by people who love that Gotye song and don’t realize how fucking STALKERY it is because the lady he’s singing about literally CHANGES HER PHONE NUMBER so he can’t call her anymore. Uh, if someone goes THAT FAR to stop you from contacting them, shit is FUCKED. YOU are a STALKER.

    "I’m watching Game of Thrones season two right now"

    what the flying fuck

    ohhh the prose, the beautiful, vicious prose…..*drools* 

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  14. notkatniss:

    Oh god

    *because the universe loves irony

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