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Bottles to [Caps]

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    My thighs are huge cuz they’re full of secrets

    Wrap them around my ears and let me hear them all

    Smooth as fuck


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  3. brb crying over Paprika 


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    The true meaning of pansexuality.


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    we’re all a little biased. 


  7. While watching the VMAs I noticed MTV’s #lookdifferent hash tag. Leads to this blog on tumblr. I dunno, they’re a bit late to the conversation but I like the direction this is going!



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    Part 4 of Happy Endings! This time just some cute sleepy makeouts in the morning. 

    Part1 Part2 Part3 Part5 Part6 Part7


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    Chain letters: Striking paranoia in some and making others laugh. 

    Below is the 2 most famous internet chain letter, and links to other popular chain letters. 


    Subject: FW: Read before opening picture

    This photo was taken in a hospital after the patient in the bed was in an accident where he was responsible for a young woman’s death.

    It is said that when you receive this image and do not send it to at east five people, the woman will look for you during the night to collect your soul.

    A couple in a western suburb area of Sydney received the message and deleted the picture without sending it to at least five people. This couple was murdered by their 15 year old neighbor who claims to have been possessed by the woman.

    A 28 year old woman in Whittlesay Road, Cambridgeshire, England, was run down by a car driven by another female that fit the description of the woman in the photograph, the police investigation revealed that the murdered lady had received this picture only 4 hours before her untimely death and did not pass it on to at least 5 people.


    Subject: Fw: Read before you view the picture

    The guy in the photo went to the Sundarbans with his friends and he asked 1 of his friends to take his picture in that very place. While his friend was taking the picture he screamed and fainted, 2 days later he died in the medical college. Doctors said he died because of heart attack.

    When the photos were exposed, in the last photo there was a lady standing right beside him though friends claim that he was standing alone.

    Many people said it is a rumor and the picture is the result of the blessings of latest technology. However, the photo itself is very scary and I’m sure you’ll also feel the same way I’ve felt. Here you go with the photo!!! 

    A navy officer sent this letter to 13 people and he was promoted.. A business man received this letter and threw it away..not believing in it.. and he lost everything he had within 13 days.. It reached a labourer and he distributed it to 13 people.. he was promoted and all his problems were solved within 13 days.. So you must send this e mail to 13 people for something good to happen to you so people..get sending !! :) don’t be lazy.. P/S : Do not send back to the person who send this to you!!!


    Chain Mail

    Sleepover Club

    Mickey Mouse

    Text Messages



    Death Chain

    Love Hurts


    I Need Help

    Sally Stitch


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  11. Anime and the English Language -

    Vampire Knight may not be the most excellent anime I’ve ever seen but it has a pretty damn good amount of the Gothic fairytale tropes to make any fantasy geek satisfied without getting too heavy handed with the whole “vampiric existential angst” yawnfest…even if the latter is what drives a lot of the story (ok yes, a lot), why bother watching?

    Well, for starters, if you watch anime for more than the occasional keeks at a character’s shirt-on, shirt-off business (of which there is sadly mostly none of the queer variety, unless you’ve already bought your one-way ticket on the hentai express straight for yaoi-land), you’ll always be able to learn something more about Japanese culture and the Japanese language.

    What’s fun about the more recent animes is their occasionally nonsensical treatment of the written English language (as opposed to when characters are using words that SOUND like Japanese inflected English words but actually aren’t - do the clickken *here* to find out more about that).

    Hence the above screenshot (S2E1), an otherwise superbly rendered page of Times New Roman fonted text, but upon further inspection is actually some poor sleep-deprived animator’s last minute copypasta of Wikipediaish gobbledygook.


  12. No lie


  13. So sick #aooooo #reignwolf (at Troubadour)


  14. Teaching English Abroad - Teaching ‘Fuck’ in Japan (正しいFuckの使い方)

    There is no greater joy nor is there greater frustration in trying to learn another language’s swear words. Pinche bloody fucking cabrón.



  15. Couch etiquette; or: There will be no living with him after this

    1. Me: Move over yo.
    2. Dayd: No, I was here first! GO GET A NEW LIFE!!!
    3. Parents, I tell you. Can't live with them,