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Bottles to [Caps]

  1. Liquid illuminations - made with milk, water, frozen in time and morphed into high fashion. (via!galleries!milk)


  2. I slapped myself to see if I was drunk.

    Yeah ok.

    The tequila diaries continue.

    Carry on.


  3. Tiny drums tiny drums!


  4. i feel u bb


  5. it’s true


  6. someone stop me


  7. Dance as if no one were watching sing as if no one were listening, live every day as if it were your last. Irish proverb making its way Spain-wards. #datsubjunctive


  8. My student made this! She’s only 10! Sure do wish @marcea_rinehart were here to share it ‘cos even though it’s a continent away, kids are still kids, and she knows them best. Sometimes I get stuck but then I ask myself, “What would Marcea do?” Works every time. #wwmd



  10. Elementary music profs bein’ cute at the Musicaeduca Teacher Conference.


  11. Alcalá in the morning. #unfilteredand #uncaffeinated #gimmecafé


  12. "…so is that why you *think* you like girls?"

    Says A Very Straight Girl

    Please shut the fuck up.


  13. All that I know about life I learned in elementary school (sorta)

    Today I taught Spanish children how to play duck duck goose. They’d never heard of it before. I hadn’t played it in more than a decade. So it went well.

    And just now, I saw a foul in the Italia v. Uruguay game where the deciding factor depended on literally “His elbow hit my face!!” vs “Why was his face in the way of my elbow?!!”

    Kids, I tell you.


  14. There’s a party in Madrid ‘n you ain’t invited. Except if you’re the police. Always invite the policia. #policephotobomb #creeper #coronación #madrid


  15. "Me: Estás going?
    Roomie: …
    Me: So should I shut the door or what?"
    — From my new indie-drama entitled “Spanglish: It Happens”